Thursday, March 14, 2013

Radio Silence - It's been almost a month since I posted anything

I couldn't even believe it when I looked at the date of my last post and realized that it was on February 22!

The days have raced by in a blur of activity: driving kids to events, running errands, going to meetings, phone calls.  I've managed to voice my opinion a few times too:

Regarding the HPV vaccine debate in the Catholic School Division -

Some of what I said at the Town Hall Meeting.

Here is the full text of what I said at the meeting:

I have two daughters in the Catholic system, one in Grade 2 and one who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. I would like to discuss the practical aspects of the vaccine being available through the school:

The vaccine requires 3 shots, which means that unless I am able to get an appointment after school hours, I will have to pull my daughter’s from class 3 times, which is disruptive to the classroom and my daughter’s education.

I am fortunate enough to have a flexible schedule, but consider what an inconvenience this will be to working parents. Appointments can be booked outside of school hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s outside of parent’s work hours.

It is much more convenient for our kids to get the vaccine in conjunction with the other boosters that they are already receiving at the school.

Additionally, I’d like to say this:

There has been a lot of debate regarding the vaccine promoting promiscuity. The reality is that even a child fully educated about the nature of human sexuality and Catholic moral teaching can still fall victim to a sexual predator.

Sexual violence is something that hasn’t been mentioned in this vaccine debate. Not all sex is consensual: 58%, over half of the women in Alberta, have reported experiencing at least one incident of sexual or physical assault since the age of 16 as reported to Statistics Canada.

We’d all like to think that it would never happen to our daughters, but I’m sure that most of you wouldn’t have to look very far in your circle of family or friends to find someone who has been the victim of sexual assault. If we can possibly prevent the further victimization of girls by the prevention of disease, we should be doing it. 

Aren’t we obligated as parents, teachers and administrators, to use whatever tools available to us to protect our children? This vaccine is one of those tools. Parent’s can opt out if they choose, just as they already can with existing vaccines offered in the schools.

The polite part of my response after it was voted against. ;)

My thoughts on the Provincial Budget -
Effects on health care services.
Some general thoughts on the budget.

I also celebrated my 36th birthday in there as well.  I feel like I'm now on the downward slope to 40 and I'm not really sure how I feel about that, I'm going to go with "not happy about it".  Time slips by so quickly, I still feel like I'm in my mid-twenties.  Happily, my sister was home from grad school, so we went out for lunch and then Mike bought me a huge, white, shag rug for my living room.  I know, I'm crazy.  Who buys a white carpet when they have little kids?  The same person who has all white furniture in both my living room and family room, that's who.  In my defense, the living room furniture is leather and can be wiped clean and the family room sofa is slip-covered, and can be washed.  Here are some pics of the as-of-yet unfinished space.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time going to Michael's for supplies and ironing perler bead crafts for my 7 yr old.
This is just a small sampling of the MANY projects she has done.
This last week were report cards and parent/teacher interviews and I am happy to say that my grade twoer had an outstanding report card once again and her teachers had nothing but good things to say about her.  I have a feeling it may be different when our 5 year old starts kindergarten in the fall.  We anticipate a lot of  "she cries frequently from hurt feelings" and "she is often in her own dreamland". Both of which can be very good qualities (sensitivity and active imagination), but can make school a difficult transition.  Thankfully it's months away and I will spend much of that time snuggling her. I feel very sad that my "baby" will be heading off to school in September.

I've also been spending a lot of time reading with my new Sony ereader.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  The only drawback is the somewhat limited availability of titles from the library.  I joined Goodreads and have added a reading shelf to the sidebar of my blog in which you can see what I've read so far this year.

While I'm jumping from topic to topic, I'm going to throw in a shout-out to my best friend, Jeanette and her new personal blog, Love and Passport.  I'm so envious of her jet-setting lifestyle, particularly as she recently spent a week in my dream destination, Barcelona, after which she spent a week in Berlin, and is currently in Rome for a few days before she heads back home to France.  Jealous yet?  I sure am.

There are a few things coming up that I'm participating in that you may find interesting (or not).  Next week a group of local organizations are promoting water awareness at the public library as next Thursday is World Water Day.  Be sure to check it out on the landing as you enter the adult fiction area.  Here's the info:

In celebration of Canada Water Week (March 18 to 24) and the United Nation’s World Water Day (March 22), local organizations will present displays about caring for water in southeastern Alberta. The displays will be on view at Medicine Hat Public Library from March 18 to 23, 2013.

The displays include caring for shorelines, conserving water at home and in the garden, being aware of fish health when using storm sewers, understanding the water cycle, water use in oil and gas development, information about three watersheds in south east Alberta, and the process of developing an integrated water management plan.

Activities during Canada World Water Week include a walk by the river with a naturalist on World Water Day. Interested walkers are invited to meet at the Library on Friday, March 22 at 10.30 am.

On Tuesday, March 26, Lorne Fitch, a former Fish and Wildlife Officer, will talk about the declining fish population in the South Saskatchewan River. This program follows the annual general meeting of the Grasslands Naturalists at 6.30 pm, and will take place at 7.30 pm at Medicine Hat Public Library.

Other displays will take place at the Medicine Hat College Libraries in the Hat and Brooks and at Brooks Public Library during Canada Water Week.

Organizations partnering in this venture are Medicine Hat Public Library, SEAWA -South East Alberta Watershed Alliance, Police Point Interpretive Centre, Unisphere, Public Interest Alberta and Grasslands Naturalists.

Also coming up in April is Public Interest Alberta's annual conferenceLinda McQuaig is the keynote speaker, but I am also really looking forward to hearing Wendell Potter speak about the American private health insurance industry.  I am sooo looking forward to this.  It was amazing last year and the speakers this year are just as impressive.  Definitely plan to attend if you are able.


  1. Alison, you're the best!! Love this blog post, mostly because of the photos of your very lovely living room!!

  2. Your living room looks fantastic - I love how fresh & inviting it looks. Also, Sadie is SO creative with those beads!! Keep up the excellent work! :)
    Thanks also for the other excellent info you share too. :)