Sunday, January 20, 2013

Laundry Room Makeover

The laundry/furnace room is the worst room in our house.  It's very small and very full.  We replaced some of the piping and the hot water tank this year, which improved the appearance somewhat (the old one was yellow and from 1986), but the floor & drain were original to the house and in pretty poor shape.  The flooring was some kind of spray on plastic that was yellow with gold flecks in it. It has been gouged out of several places and had permanent rust marks from the old furnace.

Suddenly, last week, Mike decided that he was sick of it and was going to cover it with adhesive backed vinyl tiles.  Here are the before pics.

Rust from the old furnace.  The unpainted dark area is the crawl space.

And here is the after with new vinyl tiles, painted drain & new drain cover:


  1. Lucky to have such a handy husband! Looks great!

  2. Good job, Mike! It makes a huge difference & will make a difference (at least somewhat LOL) in how you feel working in that area - whether you enjoy doing laundry or not!! ;)