Monday, October 29, 2012


I have a list of tasks that I need to get to sitting beside me on my desk and I'm procrastinating and not doing them.  I've managed to do all the fiddly little, non-important time sucks that would normally occupy me, just to avoid dealing with this list.  I have a great quote from an organizing book:

Am I inventing things to do to avoid doing what's important?

Yes, I am.

Maybe it's because it's hard to get back into a routine after spending last week and weekend caring for my sick family, who all had coughs and colds.  I'm really hoping that we don't get the severe stomach flu that is sweeping through Medicine Hat right now.  Last night there was an argument between Mike and our 4 year old about who needed the humidifier more. (We are in serious "man-cold" territory at our house.)

For a few days last week, I thought we would all disappear beneath a mountain of used Kleenex and empty throat lozenge wrappers.

Other than a quick errand and helping my daughter's class after swimming this afternoon, I'm planning on curling up in the recliner and watching Hurricane Sandy coverage.  Maybe later I'll get to that list.

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