Monday, August 27, 2012

Web Round-Up

Here's a collection of some of the coolest/funniest/most interesting things I've seen online recently:

"First prize at this year's Google Science Fair went to Brittany Wegner, 17, for her cloud-based neural network—an artificial "brain" that is able to asses tissue samples for breast cancer. The artificial "brain", which is essentially a computer program that mimics brain waves, is reportedly 99.1 percent sensitive to malignancy, and could replace a procedure called Fine Needle Aspirate as the least invasive form of biopsy."

I absolutely hate the propagation of misinformation. Here's a gadget to add to your gmail account that checks the veracity of forwards. It's called LazyTruth. Another good website for fact checking of email forwards is

People are starting to use shipping containers as homes.  In Holland they've turned them into dorms, but this one is impressive for the fact that this woman did it herself.  Unfortunately our climate doesn't allow for homes that require you to walk outside between rooms:

Mike and I spent a summer in Edson and never met anyone this cool, where was this guy then?

This is just awesome, like double rainbow awesome:

This reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite and then I read some of the comments and realized that I wasn't the only one:

I have so much admiration for dancers:

This is why you should spiral cut your hotdogs when you barbecue them:

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