Friday, June 8, 2012

Won't You Be My Neighbour?

I never watched Mister Rogers as a child since we only got two tv stations at the farm, CBC and CTV.  I grew up on Mr. Dressup, who I loved and saw live, twice.  But of course my kids have never lived without satellite, so they've both watched Mister Rogers a bit over the years.  The Mister Rogers Remixed/Garden of Your Mind video that was commissioned by PBS has been making the rounds on Twitter, and we've probably watched it 20 times.  It reminded me of an article I read about Fred Rogers that was so moving that I felt disappointed he hadn't been a fixture of my own childhood.  Once you've read it you should watch the video clip of his Emmy acceptance speech, which is also very affecting.

Here's the article.

Here's the song, Garden of Your Mind.

And here's the Emmy Acceptance Speech.

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