Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making it through, one field trip at a time.

I'm tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff going on in the next few weeks as school winds up. It also doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping.  I get up in the dark and go downstairs to write lists and think.  It never fails that when I do finally fall asleep, around 2 am, a child wakes me up crying about leg cramps or a nightmare.

Mike finished painting the livingroom/diningroom/hallway and then painted and installed the baseboards throughout, except for along the stairs, which will be done eventually.  He asked me what I'm going to do when the colours aren't popular anymore and I told him it wouldn't matter as I wasn't decorating with popular colours to begin with.  The bottom picture probably shows the colour most accurately, at least on my computer.

I was so happy to remove the plastic sheets from the furniture and put everything back.  I've already started work on my drapery panels.  Maybe sometime this week we will get the drapery rods hung.  Once the drapes are up I can hang some artwork.  Decorating/home improvements = the never ending domino effect.

Here's a few sneak peaks.  I'll post more when the room is closer to being done. Which might be a while.

The Dining Room/Playroom, before I put the toys back.
Front Entry Table/Vintage Stereo
A close-up of the tablescape.


  1. It looks really nice - & yes...it all takes time, especially with a schedule like yours!!! Be sure to try to take some time for yourself too!!!

  2. Hi Alison - great blog. Finally figured out how to make comments. Looking foward to our continued dialogue. You are doing great things!!!