Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Best Movies For Kids - Oldies but Goodies

I was thinking about children's movies and how much they've changed since I was a little kid.  Most of the movies I watched were actually Disney TV movies, not theatre releases at all, but I loved them just the same. Here are the trailers from some of my favourites.

Condorman - Apparently there isn't a studio trailer for this one, so many fans have made their own trailers.

Leonard Part 6 - The premise of this comedy, featuring Bill Cosby, was that there had been 5 previous adventures that were classified and unavailable.  This was supposedly the sixth adventure and the only one to be released to the public. I should warn you that IMDB rates this as one of the worst movies of all time, but kids don't know about rating systems and love it anyways.

Earth Star Voyager - I loved this one sooo much, but Disney hardly ever seemed to play it.  I think this began my love affair with the Sci-fi Fantasy genre.

Flight of the Navigator

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Parent Trap - There was no trailer for this one, so you get a clip instead.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - This is an oldie, but I remember laughing and laughing while watching this movie with my little brothers.

Any Pink Panther movie

Short Circuit

What were your favourite childhood movies?


I was at my friend's house today and came across this gem that I had totally forgotten about!  My kids are watching it right now.

The Cat from Outer Space


  1. I loved all the ones from Mayfield college like, The computer wore tennis shoes, and the monkey's uncle. Parent trap is one of my favourites too as well as Freaky Friday.

  2. You forgot to put the BRAT patrol on there. Karlene and I wore out to VHS tapes of that one. It's on You Tube as well, I should watch it again sometime.

  3. Used to watch E.T. and Secret of Nimh all the time. Totally household fav's.

    1. Can you believe that I've never seen E.T.? I loved the Secret of Nimh, in the way that you love to be slightly scared and creeped out as a child, which is why my kids haven't seen it yet. Some other creepy movies that I watched as a child were "The Last Unicorn" and "The Dark Crystal".