Friday, August 19, 2011

PC Leadership Race & Debate

I'm almost embarrassed to say that for many years, (when I was much younger) I was a member of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party.  Last night I attended the PC leadership debate here in Medicine Hat to hear what the 6 contenders had to say for themselves as they battle it out for the prize of premier of Alberta.

I submitted a question, but it wasn't asked/answered.  I was surprised when they did actually answer a pointed question regarding education cuts, but perhaps my question was too hard hitting for this sort of event. Here it is, and I would still like an answer:

"Why should we believe your campaign promises about making changes when your own party has been in power for 40 years and you have all served as MLA's and cabinet ministers.  What's different now?  Why didn't you work to make these changes before?"

They all sounded like leaders of minority parties trying to get seats in the next election, instead of what they actually are, people that already influenced policy in undesirable directions.  The reality is that many of them helped write and pass bills, and change systems that most Albertans are extremely angry about, specifically land bills and healthcare.

It's as true for political parties as it is for individual politicians, "Politicians are like diapers, they need changing often and for the same reason".

Here's an informative read about the candidates:

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  1. Unfortunately, some of the victims are unable to angry over the negative changes, because they have been literally killed as a result of those changes. What kind of backward society allows patients in an ER waiting room to die of easy to treat life-threatening maladies, such as Blood Sugar issues, heart attacks and appendicitis?

    -Andy Taylor