Friday, July 22, 2011

Web Round-Up

Summertime has sucked all motivation to blog out of my system, but there are still interesting things being done and written about all the time, so I'm going to just link to them and let you check them out at your leisure.

A visualization of United States Debt

I wish I lived in this house.  I love the colours.

The blind man who taught himself to see - this is unreal, you need to read it!

My kid's favourite thing to watch on YouTube

Stunning embroidered covers of Penguin classic books

More embroidery, I think I'd like to try to do this one:

Would you consider living the "Freegan" lifestyle? especially in these economically uncertain times.

I'm totally weirded out by Scientology.  I read the unauthorized biography about Tom Cruise by famous biographer, Andrew Morton, because I was so curious about the cult and it's influence in his life.  At the time there were rumours that Morton had gone into hiding to write the book because of the cult's influence and litigiousness.  Well, it looks like they couldn't keep their tight grip on everyone, as they've had a few famous defectors in the recent past, including Paul Haggis, Canadian director and screenwriter.  Here is his story.

Grooveshark is how I listen to all my music since my CD's are all still in boxes in the basement.

Amazing dancing

How stressed out are you?  Take the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale test to find out.

A poignant letter about losing a child written by Joe Kennedy.

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