Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Myself at Home

I didn't make it to everything this weekend, but I managed to go to the Downtown Roving Art Walk with my sister.  I realized after I got down there that maybe I was a little under-dressed for the occasion.  I did change out of my yoga pants though, so I should get points for that!  I loved the live music at all the locations, especially at the Beveridge Building.  I wish I had written down the name of the guy who was performing there, or had bought his CD, my bad (if anyone knows his name, please leave it in my comments section).  I hadn't been in that building since it was the Salvation Army and it was nice to get a look at it again. It looks like someone has been or will be doing some work in there. My sister thinks it would make a great dance hall. I love the embossed ceiling tiles, I'm thinking it might be a good look in my house to cover up the popcorn ceilings.

I also had the chance to check out a new-to-me store on 2nd St. right by Inspire Cafe, Vintage Vamp, which sells vintage jewellery.  Just remember that 2nd St. is under construction right now and you will have to park somewhere else and walk over.

On Saturday morning we took a quick jaunt over to the Farmer's Market at the Stampede Grounds.  I came home with cucumbers and 3 bars of the most amazingly scented homemade soap ever!

I spent a bit of the weekend framing and hanging some pictures in the house.  It's amazing how much homier it feels when you have something on the walls.  I framed and put up the three Bill Reid prints I got in Vancouver.  Total cost of the project was $48 (minus, of course, the cost of actually flying to Vancouver, where I bought the prints).  I was pretty proud of myself.  Whattaya think?

I like how the orange (which you can't see very well in this pic, sorry for my terrible photography) in the prints goes with the orange in the large nude oil painting I have over the couch.  I have bought orange print material for new throw cushions for the couch, they just need to be sewn (not by me though, sewing is not my forte), and I'm trying to figure out ways to bring a little more orange cheer to a terribly taupe room.  No offense to any of you that have taupe paint, it's just that I've lived in a taupe house for the last 5 years and I'm ready for some colour!

I also framed two vintage tea towels to hang in the kitchen.  I'm really not sure how I feel about them, I think they would look a lot better if I had them custom framed, but I'm too cheap thrifty for that.  Maybe when we do the big kitchen reno of 2014, I'll get them reframed.  Until then I'll make do with my Ikea Ribba frames.  I discovered that it is nearly impossible to make linen lay straight, no matter how hard you try.

This weekend we're ripping out the baseboards in the living room and dining room.  And I'm counting down the days until our living room furniture arrives, only 10 days to go.  Every time my dad comes over he says, the same thing, "Where is your furniture? Don't you have anything to sit on?"  and I explain once again that it's on order and will be here eventually and he's welcome to go down to the family room and sleep on the couch down there!

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