Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Girls' Secret Friendship Weapon - The Birthday Party Invitation

My oldest was complaining today to my sister that she doesn't have any friends at school.  We asked her why she thought this and she replied, "Well, I told ______ that she wasn't coming to my birthday party and now she won't be my friend."  My sister and I laughed and told her that maybe that was the problem, don't tell your friends that they aren't invited to your birthday party!

I've noticed how the birthday party invitation is held like a sword over the friendships of little girls.  Is your friend not doing what you want? Then threaten to not invite her to your party, even if it's 11 months away!  Likewise, the retraction of an invitation can precipitate the end of a friendship, as my daughter has discovered.  I think that she needs to clarify to her friend that the reason she wasn't invited to the party is because her mother has not yet organized the party.  Moving and Easter break has pushed back the party planning and I know that I will have to get down to it in earnest next week.

I keep hoping that the weather will improve and my yard will magically be raked/mowed/pruned/swept in time for an outdoor party.  There is as much chance of that happening as me waking up one morning to discover that magical elves have assembled the trampoline in the backyard and finished unpacking the mountain of boxes in the living room.  I guess I will have to make alternate plans.
Yes, sadly, this is what my living room still looks like, nearly 3 weeks after moving!  I'm awaiting the purchase and assembly of more furniture to unpack into.

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