Friday, January 14, 2011

Mom about Town

Thursdays are fun mornings for our almost three year old since she gets to go to the Library's Toddler Time Story time.  She loves the singing, stories and the enthusiastic way in which they are delivered.  The first place she heads after it's over is to see Bumbletown, the miniature bug town that has been in the library since I was a little kid. To me, and probably all the kids that have pressed their noses to the glass over the years, Bumbletown is a magical place with its busy bugs going about their lives. Upon closer inspection as an adult, I realized that it is little more than pipecleaners, stuffed hose and painted cardboard, but somehow the magic remains.  My kids especially enjoy the baby in the carriage and the dancer. 

Bumbletown is followed by a quick book grab (the kids are little enough that they don't have opinions about which books I pick for them) and then off to the elevator for a ride downstairs. I can't resist piling high the latest in memoirs and non-fiction and end up going home with more than I possibly have time to read.

Library, school pick-up, lunch with parents and brother and then off to the Esplanade to see an exhibition of Gena LaCoste's work.  My mom has already taken one painting course from this talented local artist and is going to another.  My mom is a watercolour artist, but unfortunately, the artistic gene seems to have passed me by.  Here is a painting she did last year that I swiped off of her facebook page (yes, I'm friends with my mom on facebook):

My youngest thought that every painting of horses were my mom's horses, and my oldest was more interested in the other exhibition by Alison Norlen, whose massive chalk and charcoal drawings were spectacular, and not just because of their size.  The drawings were like looking at the ghosts of the objects pictured, or catching a glimpse of something through a veil of rain.

We did a quick jaunt through the museum side.  If you haven't been there before you should check it out, since it gives a wonderful history of Medicine Hat and has some interesting artifacts.

Wouldn't this stuff go great in your house if your home decor style is steampunk?

Gena Lacoste's exhibit, "In the Clear Light of Day", and Alison Norlen's, "Glimmer" are showing until February 13 with a reception with the artists at 7 pm on Thursday, January 27.  If you haven't before, you should definitely check out all that the Esplanade has to offer. Remember, Thursday is free admission day!

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